AKC Recognizes ODTC's Responsible Dog Ownership Day!

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Congratulations go out to Deb Wood and her hard work
that made it such a resounding success!
Every year it gets bigger and better!

Thank you Deb!

PLEASE use the MAIN ENTRANCE for the Central Florida Fairgrounds
when coming to class
They have closed the East Gate entrance for the time being and want all traffic directed to the main gate. Come through the main gate, go past the restrooms on your right and turn right. There will be a large building on your left we are in that building at the furthest entrance.
Plenty of parking on the grass. Thank you.

All training classes are held in an air-conditioned building located at the
Central Florida Fairgrounds,
4603 W. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL

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ODTC obedience icon Training Classes

Puppy Kindergarten ● Older Puppy & Beginner ● CGC ● Beginner Plus ● Pet Tricks ● Competition Obedience ● Conformation ● Rally
  • Class times have changed! Look here to confirm class times.

  • Choose Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 7 P.M. or 8:10 P.M.

  • Air-Conditioned Training Building

  • Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4603 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando

  • Call 407-856-4114 or go to our Training Classes webpage

ODTC Gordon & Riley Green  Obedience & Rally Trials

April 2 & 3, 2016
  • Saturday & Sunday

  • Central Florida Fairgrounds, Building 5

  • 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL

  • Results are available. See Previous Events below

DOCOF 2010 Groups  Dog Obedience Clubs Of Florida

September 4, 2016

2016 ODTC Team 1

Novice - Kayla Rae & Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Maya
Novice - Kim Demanche & Australian Shepherd, Finlee
Novice - Rose Oesterle & Whippet, Tristan

Open - Kim Demanche & Australian Shepherd, Rynna
Open - Caryn Hasselbring & All American Dog, Annie
Open - Bobbie Kurivial & Papillon, Arden

Utility - Linda Unger & Shetland Sheepdog, Travis
Utility - Niki Muth & Australian Shepherd, Zena
Utility - Stan Dudek & Rottweiler, Sassy

2016 ODTC Team 2

Novice - Cynthia Margenau & Toy Fox Terrier, Wanda
Novice - Dorothy Thompson & German Shorthair Pointer, Rion

Open - Silvia Do Valle & Boston Terrier, Sheeva
Open - Betty Ann Ogus & Akita, Lucy

  • Sunday

  • Silver Spurs Rodeo Exhibition Hall

  • Kissimmee / St. Cloud

  • State of Florida Dog Obedience Competition

ODTC German Shorthair  Obedience & Rally Trials

October 1 & 2, 2016

Tracking Dogs 2013  Tracking Test

December 4, 2016

Orange County Convention Center  Obedience & Rally Trials

December 14 - 16, 2016

James and Travis after showing
Previous Events
Once on the AKC site, enter 'Orlando Dog Training Club' in the "Club Name" box, enter 'Obedience Trials' or 'Rally Trials' or 'Tracking Events' in the "Competition Type" box, and make your desired selection in the "Time Range" box.

All previous events can be found on the AKC website here

Updated - December 5, 2016

Breaking News:

  • New!  The New Title Forms for MEMBERS are located on our Forms page. Print, fill them out, and get them to Cynthia Margenau as soon as you can. The annual meeting is coming up in February!

  • New! The November 2016 Waggs newsletter is available here and on the Newsletters page.

  • New! There have been new titles that have been earned this year! Check them out on the Titles page!

  •  Coming Soon! The club website is getting a new look! There will be a new design and layout, and even smart-phone capabilities! Stay tuned...

  • The online and printable class registration forms are located on the Classes page.

  • Keep track of our events & activities on our Events page.

  • Application forms, club by-laws, club standing rules, and other forms are located on our Forms page.

2016 Titles:

As of the latest website update, there have been reported for publication 37 AKC Titles & Certificates and 4 non-AKC titles earned in 2016 by ODTC members. AKC titles and certificates are listed below in bold type. Non-AKC titles are listed in italics type. The titles will be posted as received:

● 1 CH ● 1 OM3 ● 5 CD ● 3 BN ● 1 RAE3 ● 2 RE ● 3 RA ● 1 RN ● 1 MXJ ● 1 T2B ● 1 XF ● 1 OF ● 1 OAJ ● 1 NF ● 1 NAJ ● 1 NA ● 2 RATO ● 6 RATN ● 1 CAX ● 2 CAA ● 1 TD ● 3 NTD ● 1 DJ

2015 Titles:

As of the latest website update, there have been reported for publication 65 AKC Titles & Certificates and 17 non-AKC titles earned in 2015 by ODTC members. AKC titles and certificates are listed below in bold type. Non-AKC titles are listed in italics type. The titles will be posted as received:

● 1 OM5 ● 5 CD ● 2 GN ● 2 BN ● 1 PCDX ● 3 PCD ● 1 RAE2 ● 4 RAE ● 1 RE ● 3 RA ● 2 RN ● 2 STAR ● 3 CGCA ● 5 CGC ● 1 THD ● 1 T2BP ● 1 MJP ● 1 AJP ● 1 AXP ● 2 AXJ ● 2 AX ● 1 OJP ● 1 OAP ● 1 OF ● 1 OA ● 1 NF ● 1 NAJ ● 1 NA ● 1 RATN ● 5 RATI ● 3 PT ● 1 HSAs ● 1 JH  2 CA ● 1 TD ● 1 DN ● 2 ETD ● 5 ATD ● 4 ITD ● 5 NTD


ODTC meeting iconODTC members meet the fourth Monday of (almost) every month at 7:30 P.M.

The general membership meeting will be held November 14, 2016, at the Florida Hospital Association's regional office, 307 Park Lake Circle, Orlando.

Directions: From East Colonial Drive, turn North on Highland Avenue (two blocks east of Magnolia Ave.). The FHA building is at the next intersection on the northeast corner of Highland and Park Lake Circle.  The parking lot entrance is past the FHA building, along Highland Avenue.

  The ODTC board of directors meets at 6:30pm prior to the general membership meeting at the Florida Hospital Association's regional office.
  Members and guests who wish to attend the board meeting should RSVP with Rose Oesterle or Paul Reep so enough tables may be ordered to accommodate the added people.


Join ODTC To apply for membership, please complete an application form, be sponsored by two current members of the Club, and attend two monthly members' meetings. Go to our Membership page for more details.

About Our Club:

ODTC logoORLANDO DOG TRAINING CLUB, INC. is a not-for-profit Florida corporation and a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Florida Assn. of Kennel Clubs (FAKC) .

For 60 years, ODTC has been helping Central Floridians learn how to care for, feed, and train their dogs to make them more acceptable in the home and in public.

All dogs are welcome at our training classes , whether they are purebred or mixed breed, puppies or adults. ODTC offers a variety of dog activities to meet your particular needs.

Check out our Obedience/Rally , Agility , and Tracking pages.